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Documentary of Kubota

A challenge to overcome, a dream to fulfill.

  • Osaka, Japan

    How can we build sustainable water infrastructure in urban areas?
  • California, U.S.A.

    LA’s path to an earthquake resistant water pipe network
  • Tanzania

    Can rice be a salvation for food security in Africa?
  • Myanmar

    What are the challenges Myanmar is facing for it's rapid growth?
  • Japan

    Can Japanese agriculture evolve into a growth industry?
  • Germany

    What are the challenges for farmers in Germany, in order for them to sustainably work?
  • U.K.

    Is it possible to protect abundant water resources with methods suited to the town’s way of life?
  • U.S.A.

    How can we protect the vast nature cherished by people around the world?
  • Singapore/Japan

    Can we revitalize Japan’s agriculture with greater rice exports?
  • Middle East

    How can we deliver a stable supply of water to a desert city without a river?
  • France

    How can we help develop a city while preserving the old townscape?
  • Vietnam

    How can we be closer to the lives of Vietnamese farmers, even for future generations?