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Fundamental ESG management policy

To achieve the goals of GMB2030, our Long-Term Vision, Kubota promotes its management into our unique ESG management that is β€œK-ESG management.” By doing so, Kubota aims to promote mid- and long-term development of Kubota Group and to realize a sustainable society.

Promotion of K-ESG management

We believe that we can create corporate value β€” that incorporates both social and economic value β€” by resolving environmental and social issues through our business activities. To that end, we aim to achieve the goals of our Long-Term Vision β€œGMB2030” by focusing on points of materiality such as acceleration of innovation, stakeholder empathy and participation, and governance that increases sustainability.

Promotion framework

To promote K-ESG management, we established the ESG Management Strategy Meeting under the direct control of the President, which is placed to deliberate and to determine the Group’s important management policies among the President, heads of business units, and heads of corporate divisions.